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 BWCA Labs is located on the edge of the BWCAW (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness)

AL & Margo Penke, 1405 Hwy 120, Ely, Minnesota, 55731

PHONE: 218-235-0840

 " Our Labs have Wonderful Temperament, Good Hunting Instincts and Fire, Fire, Fire! "
AKC Breeder of Merit & Member of LRC
The photo gallery on this website was last updated in 2010, it got too big to continue it here; so we now have pictures of our puppies and the people who have received them, along with many many puppy testimonies and doggie accolades, etc on FACEBOOK:
 Also see: Retrievers of The Past article - NFC Massie's Sassy Boots by Joule Charney:
In the 'Retriever News' issue: September 2011
This is the third article we have been privileged to be mentioned in regarding the legendary
Mr. Joe DeLoia, and we are proud to carry on his legacy!
JOLOR is our AKC breed specific kennel name in honor of JOe & LORraine DeLoia.

We also have pictures and lots of info on Facebook (see link above)
BWCA Labs has sold pups to Pro-Trainers:
Dave Rorem (MN/TX), Vickie Lamb (MI/GA), & Tellus Calhoun (OR).
Linda Kaim, pro-trainer, has acquired 3 BWCA Labs:
 "And (they will) not (be) my last. Great temperaments, beautiful structure and spectacular talent!" ~ quote from Linda K, Lionheart K9, Maryland)
Our puppies have also been placed into many many other wonderful Gun Dog & Pet/Family homes!! Plus other Hunting Test / Field Trial homes such as Pete Hayes, who is owner of 2010 NAFC Buster (Pete is the previous owner of a 'Buster ex Zesty' y/m pup named Red Cedar's Circuit Breaker "Sparks" QAA)! We also have puppy homes where our pups were trained for Search & Rescue also a Service Dog (TN)!

For PUPPY TESTIMONIES / Puppy Reports from yesteryear:
Click on 'Photos' in Main Menu at left: Go to the Mom's album of your choice in 'Our Dogs'
Then go to: '? ex ?' (for example: 'Beau ex Zesty') then go to 'Placements'...You will find, in the placements albums, pictures that people have sent to us of their BWCA Lab pup as it grows - for current pictures/testimonies see Facebook and/or our blog.
We are pleased to announce: Michael Furtman owns a BWCA Lab: 


Joe DeLoia's last personal hunting dog, "Jolor's JJ",
is in 2 of our 4 Labrador's pedigrees:
1 granddaughter, Jolor's One to Hold Onto, Keeper (Joey ex Lady, dob: 6/2/12)
1 gr gr granddaughter: Pixie (Blue ex Sunny, dob: 8/22/09)
Jolor's JJ: June 11, 1991 to June 19, 2005 (Father's Day '05) 
We will all miss JJ beyond words & are forever grateful for the wonderful
people & puppies he has brought into our lives.

The other two of our four dogs that are not directly related to JJ are:
"Sparkle" and her daughter "JoJo"
They are progeny of BWCA Lab's Beloved Beau and Zesty. Here are some names you will find in Beau and Zesty's pedigree:
"BEAU": son of: "FC-AFC Gunstocks Butch From Winifox"
(Owner: of "Butch": Charlie and Yvonne Hays, are in The Retriever Hall of Fame for People)
(We purchased "Beau" from their daughter Lisa in Boise, ID)
"Beau's" dam's side: "FC-AFC Riparian Roughrider", "FC-AFC Candlewoods M D Houston"
He is OFA'd, DNA'd and eyes cleared. Beau is CNM Cleared
Beau was an 80 lb yellow Lab. 8/7/2000 to 4/26/2014
"ZESTY": daughter of: "FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause"
'Everybody' is titled in Zesty's first 3 generations, except her mother, who is a littermate to "FC-AFC JB's So Rude" (one is MH: Smokin' Juicy Lucy mother to "FC-AFC Super Pic")
"Zesty's" dam's side: sire: "FC-AFC Chena River Chavez", out of: "NAFC-CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac" ex "CNFC-FC-AFC Chena River No Surprise"
"Zesty's" bottom side: "FC-AFC Southwind's Molly Rose", out of: "NFC-NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker" ex "FC-AFC Itchin' Gretchin"
Zesty is OFA'd, DNA'd, CNM Clear, EIC Clear and eyes cleared.
Zesty was a 70 lb black Lab.  12/7/2000 to 4/7/2014
Breeder/Owner write up about "Pixie": (B/BY 50lbs) is OFA Excellent, CERF'd, Elbows Normal, EIC Cleared & CNM Cleared. Pixie's dob 8/22/09 Accolades: Pixie was a Test Dog at the Duluth Retriever Club in 2010, before she became JH titled on 8/28/10 (with amateur handler Al Penke), and she thrilled the gallery esp on one retrieve of a very lively flyer! Pixie titled Senior Hunter in 2011. And just for fun; one time, we entered this very athletic dog into a Dock Dogs competition, she took 1st Place Big Air Junior! Pixie's sire is FC AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit, the Top Amateur Dog in the State of California 2011. "Blue" has qualified for 5 National Amateurs; and 1 National Open (2013) Pixie came out of a litter that was bred right after her daddy, "Blue" became a 2009 Nat'l Am Finalist in Virginia, MN with his amateur trainer/owner/handler: Missy Bell, my sister.Kiss Blue has an eye opening 118 All Age Points!! Pixie's mama is our own Sunny (a granddaughter of 1998 NFC Abe's Ebony & Ivory) Pixie is a 5th generation BWCA Lab. From Margo Penke & Joe DeLoia's "J J" to Dirk to Birdie to Sunny to Pixie. (Joe DeLoia was mentoring Al & Margo Penke through two of these litters. The one that produced Birdie & the other one that Sunny came out of...Joe DeLoia orchestrated both of those breedings, with no monetary connection, Margo was the manager & breeder of them.) BW Labs plans on keeping one of Pixie's pups, someday, too. The generations in Pixie's bottomside of her pedigree hold bloodlines that are tried & true, a long line of excellent hunting companions, that were never campaigned in AKC FT or HT's, until it came to Pixie, who was pro-trained by Mark Vossbein and ran in AKC Hunting Tests. Margo & AL are confident Pixie would be a Master Hunter, at the least, if funds had not run out for her training and handling, when we became retired florists; now living on a small fixed income. Alan also experienced back/health issues which restrict our activities to maintaining a proper kennel. Along with this we have the joy of living near our 6 young grandchildren & their busy parents who are in Ely retail businesses and a local Young Life ministry in our community. This gives us 'full time' babysitting opportunities! So our puppies receive great socialization skills! Pixie's Litter Notes: 1st litter: (Kilo ex Pixie) two of those pups went to the two treasurers of our local retriever clubs: MIRRC & DRC. The DRC Treas. is also the owner of the sire, Kilo; a BW Lab born here on 3/3/03, from the 1st of many 'Beau ex Zesty' litters. Beau and Zesty (born in the year 2000 to 2014) I don't mean to get off track...but the stories never end, and we love them all! 2nd & 3rd Litters: 'Boomer ex Pixie'. 4th Breeding with confirmed Pregnancy "Bo" ex "Pixie", approx due 12/11/2014, ready 1/29/2015 click on facebook link at top of this page to get to the album I created with photos and information regarding this upcoming litter!
 Jolor's Rejuvenator MH "SPARKLE": Titled Master Hunter, at 3 years old. dob: 4/5/2008: Sparkle is 60 lbs, B/BY, CHIC #: 77791,OFA: Excellent, Eyes CERF'd, Elbows & Thyroid Normal, EIC Carrier, CNM Cleared. Sparkle became a Master Hunter on her daddy's birthday: Aug 7th at the 2011 AKC Hunting Tests at The Duluth Retriever Club. She earned her Senior Hunt title in 4 tests (2010) and her 4 Qualifying AKC JH Ribbons, in four 2009 hunting tests. August 23rd, 2009, she won her 1st two Senior Hunt passes, Kelly Farms, in Marine at St. Croix. By June 2010, during the MIRRC Informal, she won 1st Place w/Trophy in Hunters Special and 3rd Place in Qualifying, again in 2011, Sparkle also went to the third series in our first ever Field Trial (MIRRC July 29-31, 2011). At MIRRC she won her 3rd & 4th Senior Passes. Sparkle's first litter was sired by: NAFC Four Leaf's Ice Breaker. The puppies were born on July 13th, 2010. Sparkle's 2nd litter was born on 12/2/11, the sire was FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker. Her 3rd litter was sired by Tdk's Bird Boomerang QAA MH, dob: July 29th, 2013 and I retained one of those pups, named "JoJo". We repeated that breeding dob: 9/13/2014.
Jolor's One to Hold Onto "Keeper" (Keeper's DOB: 6/2/2012, Sire: Ole Cottoneyed Joey MH, Dam: Jolor's Lady J - a daughter of Jolor's J J - who was Joe DeLoia's dog) Eyes Cleared, EIC Cleared & CNM Cleared. Keeper became a 1st time mother this year. She will also begin her Junior Hunt tests in 2015 with amateur handler, Al Penke. Pro-trainer Mark Vossbein did Keeper's FF-ing (winter of 2013/2014) and it went well, she did real good. 
Note: FC AFC Badger State Ram Kicker, NAFC FC AFC Four Leaf's Ice Breaker "Buster", FC AFC Carbons Blue Pursuit, a 2009 National Amateur Finalist & 2x NAFC FC Candlewoods Ramblin Man
have been participating studs in our Breeding Program History...among others.

Margo Penke is a Member of The Labrador Retriever Club
Listed in their Breeders Directory
& an AKC Breeder of Merit
A Lifetime Member (2006) of two local retriever clubs in our area:
The Minnesota Iron Range Retriever Club and The Duluth Retriever Club
Boundary Waters Labrador was a long time partner of Working Retriever Central
In July of 2004 we made a donation to The Bird Dog Foundation, Inc. in Grand Junction, TN. It was a donation of
historic memorabilia about the sport of the purebred retriever relating to Mr Joe DeLoia and The DRC. Thank-you to Pert Wunderlich for previewing and approving this gift which was then donated to the new Retriever Building located at the foundation. The gift included 2 scrapbooks, a framed collage and a framed picture of Joe with four retrievers. It was a donation which could not have been made by us without Joe DeLoia's contribution!
BWCA Labs has been featured in The Retriever Journal Feb/Mar 2007 magazine (Included at the end of a 6 page story about Joe DeLoia, also featured in Sporting Classics) and Al Penke was featured in an newspaper article called: Hunting Dog Stories, thanks to "Birdie" (Duluth News Tribune, 9/21/08 issue of Northland Outdoors by Sam Cook)
As Joe always said: "If you can't have some fun with it, why do it?"
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